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“Thank you for your time and efforts on behalf of my family and I. We very much appreciate your work. And please include me in your testimonials.”
Doug Blandy, Director of Arts and Administration Program
University of Oregon

“I so enjoy working with you, your humor, your eye, your attention to detail and your warm, forthright way with the people. It makes for a good experience for everyone.”  
Bonnie Henderson, Public Affairs Specialist
Peace Health

“As always thanks for your great work.”
Denise Garrett, Program Coordinator of Architecture & Allied Arts
University of Oregon

“Thanks for your: Professionalism. Flexibility. Caring. Being available. Thank you Susan!”
Christine Frazer, Sr. Web Content Developer

“In addition to her fantastic organizational skills, Susan is an exceptional problem solver.”
Tina Rinaldi, Executive Director
 Jacobs Gallery

“Susan is a highly competent creative exhibit designer and event planner.”
Margaret Hallock

“Susan is an excellent project manager and exhibit designer who gets the job done efficiently and cheerfully, with magnificent results.”
Alice Parman, Ph.D.

“Susan’s experience, training, artful eye, attention to detail, and sense of responsibility instill confidence that is well deserved.”
Rich Adams, Project Manager
Sterling Graphics

“I recommend highly and without reservation Susan’s work as an Exhibit Designer.”
Greg Vaughn, Photographer

“Susan can offer creative input as well as take direction to accomplish complex projects efficiently. She is an excellent information source and valued consultant.”
Rich Adams, Project Manager
Sterling Graphics

“Susan has a great sense of humor and was easy to get a long with.”
Courtney Stubbert, Sr. Graphic Designer / Art Director
Copic Marker North America / Imagination International, Inc.

“Susan is a focused and visionary woman. She is clear and direct with impeccable attention to detail. It is always my pleasure to work with Susan on various projects because she is so clear, personable and committed to a high standard of excellence.”
Sharon Braaten
Lane Community College and Marylhurst University