On The Photography Path Again

Returning to a place we know and cherish is a delight. This is true for me with photography. In 2014 I chose to bring photography back into my life in a new and different way. After years as a black and white printer, portrait and journalistic photographer, I decided it was time to embrace my talent and use my skills to show an expanded version of who I am as a photographer. 

The first decision I made was to let go of perfection. Oh what a pull perfectionism can have on me. How about you? My first act was to let go of using my SLR as my primary camera. I used my Samsung cell.  Eventually I was liberated.

Then, I decided to create a visual gratitude blog. I post a photo about every day featuring something I am grateful for. View what I created at this site. 

What I learned ~ do your photography no mater what equipment you have.

Really just do it.

My tip from this first step. If you love photography or any art form, forge on, do it, and make something no mater what you may have thought in the past. The process of doing always brings unexpected results. 

Kayaking at Waldo Lake
Kayaking at Waldo Lake


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