Art / Solutions is your multi-talented art consulting service. We offer customized, knowledgeable art consulting support and service for corporations, medical facilities, nonprofit businesses, and residential locations. We have 25 years of experience providing personal, comfortable and trustworthy service. In addition to consulting, our services include management, coordination, advising, installation, design and curation of any art project.

In your residence we can install, design, move, ship, support purchases and create a place you love to be.  

For your business we offer temporary and permanent art installation, management and support for purchases. 

We provide a package to fit any commercial situation. Your office and work environment deserve a vibrant, attractive artful display. 

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“I so enjoy working with you, your humor, your eye, your attention to detail and your warm, forthright way with people. It makes for a good experience for everyone.”
Bonnie Henderson, Public Affairs Specialist

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Hallway of Hope

At PeaceHealth, Art / Solutions provided caring, professional services to create the Hallway of Hope. A quote from Art Solutions:

“I am working as a team working on a project called the Hallway of Hope in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center. I am a contracted curator, designer, and installation artist.

The project created a transformation for the NICU.

Each staff member, visitor, or patient who walked past the Hallway of Hope with the photographs of grown children, were touched and wanted to share their feelings. Art projects that reach into our hearts show the wonder of design and visual images. This way we can speak in a shared visual language.”