Artist Coach/Instructor/Offers

I offer individual and group art coaching and classes.

I am a working artist. I bring to my teaching and coaching a depth of art experience. I enjoy working with creative people. I am enthused by the joy of each artist’s process. Together, we can discover where you want to go or continue your pathway, breaking through where it may feel there are barriers. We can find the spark, ignite the spark and kindle the spark that is precious and a source of great joy.


“It is fun to know there is so much more possibility than I realized. {I am} noticing more possibilities as I go about life; watching light differently… I feel the desire to continue this exploration. That is the most important part. Thanks for the part you have played.”

Call or email for a guide to creative coaching.   541 345-2514

Individual and Group Sessions I Offer:


Photographing Your Beautiful Self

Learning to love yourself using photography. No experience needed. Prompted class, focusing (pun intended) on you, your self-image. Using any photographic device with prompts, concepts and discussion.

Groups & Individuals meeting weekly & monthly


Deepen Your Vision: Creating From The Deeper You

Introduces and integrates more of who you are into your photographic practice. Using any photographic device through prompts, concepts and discussion, I guide you. We are exploring, sharing, and photographing. You discover and expand your visual language photographing with direction. You learn new concepts, tools and techniques and most importantly access your deeper inspiration.

Available as individual or small groups of 3 – 6

Meeting about once a month for six months.


Creative Goal Setting / Block Breaking: Step into Your Future

Do you feel blocked in your goals? Do you want to delve deep into your personal and creative goals? Do you wish for a different way to express your art? We work together facing and working through your blocks in your creative life.

Available as individual or groups of 3 – 6

Meets once a month for six months to a year.


Layering, Seeing Deeper – Transfer Media

Learn techniques to incorporate layering into your artwork. Learn to speak artistically, finding a deeper expression. Explore the meaning of layering while using transfer methods. Techniques include paper to pater transfers and lifts. Can include paper to wood and canvas. 

Available for groups of 3 – 8

A one to two day workshop and available individually


Telling Your Visual Story on Facebook (Social Media)

Learn the importance of visual storytelling in social media. Discover your story and learn how to communicate it visually on social media. Instruction geared towards individuals, businesses, and groups.

Available for individuals or groups up to 8, single day or ongoing.


Talks/Presentations I Offer:


Self Portrait of a Woman – How looking at myself taught me who I am

My story of self-awareness and awakening that became iconic. How working with my own image created a series and changed my self image.


Layering, Seeing Deeper, Inside the Artist’s Mind

What does the technique of layering communicate to its viewer? I will share my exploration through years of work I have produced using layering and transfer printing to communicate my visual story.


How I Got Here: The Journey of One Artist

I share my journey as an artist – my challenges, where I failed and succeeded. My journey may support your own.