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My life is about art.
I am an artist, art consultant, gallery director and art enthusiast. I bring to my work a depth of experience living and working in the art world. I offer a knowledgeable, personal experience as a service. My own art reflects my personal artistic, spiritual, intellectual and emotional experiences.

I look forward to hearing from you about your ideas, thoughts and how we can connect through art.



2017 website update.. offers

Susan Detroy Art Solutions Website Specials 2017

Introduction for Business – Marketing

Business Marketing / Assesment 4 hours – 2 on site / 2 online $225 ($350)

Introduction for Business – Art Exhibiting 

Business Art (Rotating) Exhibit Consultation 2 hours $120 ($160)

Introduction for Individual Artist – Coaching 

Coaching 3 – 1.5 sessions $225 ($350)


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