About Art Solutions / Offers


My life is about art.
I am an artist, art consultant, gallery director and art enthusiast. I bring to my work a depth of experience living and working in the art world. I offer a knowledgeable, personal experience as a service. My own art reflects my personal artistic, spiritual, intellectual and emotional experiences.

I look forward to hearing from you about your ideas, thoughts and how we can connect through art.



Lets get to know one another. Introduction offers: 

Business – Art Exhibiting 

Business Art Exhibit Consultation 2 hours $120 ($160) (Rotating Exhibit) 

Business – Marketing

Business Marketing / Assesment 4 hours – 2 on site / 2 online $225 ($350)

Individual Artist – Coaching 

Coaching 3 – 1.5 sessions $225 ($350)


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